My Beat

My beat is always changing My mind, rearranging I can’t tell you how I feel Each moment gets a little more real A constant series of figuring out A cloudless precipitation for my… Continue reading

Pressure Point

There’s so much pressure on the pen He never knows when I’ll come again   Once he’s in my grasp, I take control He helps me find the pieces of my soul  … Continue reading

Static Seeped into the Silence

Static seeped into the silence Dim lights hovered above Busied men rested their heads Lonely women dreamt of being loved Worried minds buzzed Aloof from the stars above Last night’s push Became today’s… Continue reading

A Day in the Life of FOKN Bois

Every once in a while, I develop an obsession with something new. Wax Poetics magazine, Baduizm, gold hoop earrings, the new coffee shop that’s not necessarily convenient but good enough to make the trip for, etc.… Continue reading

The Day I Stepped Off of Writer’s Block

Before I get started, I’ll be quite honest with you. My title is a bunch of bull shit. This piece is really just an excuse to get me to start writing again. An… Continue reading

The James Blake Experience

James Blake is an artist whose sound is far too transcendent to place into any specific category or genre; he is, without a doubt, one of today’s most original. Having earned such a poignant… Continue reading

From the Other Side of the Speakers to the Walt Disney Concert Hall: A Listener’s Experience With Fiona Apple

I was three years old when the world met Fiona Apple. At the time, I was more intrigued by Barney and Mister Rogers than I was with angry feminist music. A few years… Continue reading

“We”, Theoretically Speaking.

“If ever two were one, then surely we” Ms. Bradstreet then passed the pen to me If ever I tangled with such a thought I would seek the deepest love, would you not?… Continue reading

For All the Wrong Reasons

A distant whisper Attracted my ear A  dame sought a mister Oh pity, my dear!   Oh, what’s the hurry? Oh, why the fear? “Oh, to bare the worry Of solitude a further… Continue reading

The Roots and Elvis Costello Present ‘Wise Up Ghost’

I generally peruse the pages of NPR when seeking new music; they tend to filter out the “new and hot” and substitute it instead with the ‘fresh, innovate, and most importantly, something worth… Continue reading